Number of Buildings

  • Ranch House
  • Gussie’s Homestead
  • Mobile Home
  • Dredger’s Cottage
  • 2 Barns
  • Wagon Shed
  • Tack Shed
  • Shop
  • Generator Shed
  • 2 Garden Sheds

Nearby towns

Coffee Creek is a 5 minute drive from the ranch, and has a population of about 200.

Trinity Center, located on the north end of Trinity Lake, is about 15 minutes from the ranch by car, and also has around 200 residents. There is a post office in Trinity Center, a couple of small eateries and stores, as well as 2 marinas and a small airport.

Weaverville is about 45 minutes south of the ranch. It has a population of about 3,400. The town has a full-size supermarket, banks, restaurants and other amenities.

North of the ranch, by a 30 minute drive over the very curvy road that crosses Scott Mountain, is Callahan. Were it not for all the ranch land, Callahan would qualify as a quintessential one-horse town.

Etna is about 15 minutes beyond Callahan. Its population pushes (but doesn’t reach) 900. There are a few restaurants and other amenities.